Rentsure | Specialist Landlord Insurance
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Developed in consultation with residential property managers and investors, and backed by NZI, RENTSURE® provides landlords with stand-alone protection previously not available.

Now the decision to invest in residential rental property, or stay invested, is much easier.Please take the time to browse through our website and find out how RENTSURE® can help you.

For some of the best landlord cover in NZ, Call us now on
09 818 4247
  • Malicious Damage or Theft by the Tenants. $35,000.
  • Loss of Rents following the tenant vacating without giving the required notice. Up to 10 weeks.
  • Loss of Rents due to the eviction of a tenant for non-payment of Rent. Up to 18 weeks.
  • Loss of Rent due to the tenant refusing to vacate the property. Up to 20 weeks
  • Loss of Rent following death of the tenant Up to 10 weeks.
  • Loss of Rent due to prevention of access. Up to 52 weeks.
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